COVID-19 Update

Information about what we are doing and what to expect, when staying at New Inn Lane Holiday Cottages

Important Information

Please note, the following new measures are now in place:

  • On Arrival: Contactless check-in; the key will be placed in the door from 4pm
  • On Departure: Contactless check-out; the cottage can be left with the key in the door on departure
  • Check-out is by 9:00am: This is so we have extra time for cleaning 
  • Please do not leave leaflets / magazines: These have to be removed between bookings
  • Our accommodation is strictly holiday accommodation: It cannot be used for self-isolation or recovery from COVID-19

What We're Doing

On top of our already high housekeeping standards, we're taking the following measures to ensure they highest safety between bookings:

  • Further cleaning measures, including disinfecting all touch points within the property
  • All linen and towels are laundered at higher temperatures
  • Cleaning materials are antibacterial
  • Non-essential furnishings have been removed

If You Show Symptoms of COVID-19 During Your Stay

The following actions must be taken if you show symptoms:

  • Be tested: Call NHS Direct on 111, or go online to to be tested
  • If the result is POSITIVE: You must leave the property immediately to self isolate at your personal residence and inform us. If for any reason you cannot return home and self isolation is required at New Inn Lane Holiday Cottages, then all fees for all bookings affected by this self isolation will be borne by the guest
  • Inform us: You must also inform us of the test result, even if the result is negative

Thank You

Thank you for your understanding during this time. The safety of our guests and staff is of the highest importance.

In Summary
  • Self check-in and check-out
  • Check-out by 9am
  • All linen is laundered at higher temperatures
  • Further cleaning measures in place
  • Antibacterial cleaning materials
  • Non-essential furnishings have been removed